Thoughts So Far

What to do? What to do?

Currently in a state of wonderment, wanting to know what to come up with next! The shelves are coming up–yes they are! I plan to put up those shelves, and after, run around as a young child who battles monsters to save the world! (small video-game reference–do not be alarmed)

It’s been a heavy day so far: lots of work due to my co-worker not showing up. Lifting buckets of yogurt is a definite workout for anyone!

Oh well…


Post of the Day

I promise

I promise to try this blog concept. I promise to try blogging one post a day so that, maybe one day, I will have one comment! It will be a tedious task, but shouldn’t be too difficult. Gandma’ said today, “the only impossible thing in life is to die and rise up from the dead,” now ain’t that the truth?

In summation, welcome to my site and have an amazing day. I have made you aware of my goal–thank you for reading.